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Artist Statement

The evolution of my artistic practice appears to be a spiraling progression of conceptual considerations and material study.  Reflecting on past experiences to inform the present course of studio work that will lead to future creative aspirations.


Attempting to illustrate the significance of Place on oneself has been the underpinning of my artwork over the years.


I create motifs from specific visual subjects, landscapes or architectures to generate artistic interpretations of the various affecting aspects of Place. 

In focusing on those Places that provoke the transitory experience of being in the moment of awareness to the significant inter-connections between oneself with greater meanings of collective spiritual pasts, historic religious beliefs or natural world epiphanies; I seek to create a tangible form to represent this meaningful intangible experience.


My artistic investigation of locales, either naturally or historically imbued with metaphysical concerns of the human experience in sensing a presence or an order significant to defining the existing moment, led me to become cognizant that at the core of my practice, I’m wishing to illustrate my connection to the historical quest for understanding of the spiritual self.

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